Case Studies


How these Brands Revolutionized Baby Care with Silk

When BebeSilk decided to integrate silk into their baby comforters and sleep pillows, the goal was to offer softer, safer products for newborns. Originally, the product line was primarily made of cotton……


Do We Really Need 30 momme Silk? A Customer’s Honest Review

Have you ever wondered why we offer a 30 momme mulberry silk bedding set when 22 momme silk is already quite luxurious? Well, we received some enlightening feedback from a customer who has been using our 30 momme silk bedding for over two years……


Exploring New Horizons with Raw Silk: From Ayurvedic Gloves to Innovative Textiles

While raw silk is commonly used in garments like jackets and dresses, one of its standout applications is in the production of Ayurvedic “garshana” gloves for massage and exfoliation. The nubby texture of raw silk serves as a natural exfoliant ……