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Experience the elegance and sophistication of our premium silk, sourced directly from the heart of China’s silk regions—Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Our boutique studio honors the rich heritage of silk while innovating with every thread.

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We are a boutique studio with team members from Zhejiang and Jiangsu, the heart of China’s silk industry. If you know silk, you know these regions—they are the main hubs for Chinese silk.

Simian Wang is the primary maintainer of this website and the main contact at Raw Silk Studio. During her search for suppliers, she connected with experts like Hu and Zeng. Although her initial brand faced challenges, the group decided to collaborate in a new way.

Now, Raw Silk Studio aims to serve markets outside China, offering silk product design, processing, fabric wholesale, and new fabric development. We also provide consultations on any topic related to silk.

Zeng is the inventor of “RAW SILK fabric”. At 18, he was the top scorer in his city’s college entrance exam. He studied international trade and later moved to Ningbo to work in foreign trade. In a factory setting, he innovated by processing silk remnants into a linen-like fabric made from 100% silk, which inspired the name Raw Silk Studio.

Hu, born in Hangzhou and completed his university studies in Silk Textile Engineering there. With over a decade of experience in the silk industry, Hu knows where to find the best silkworm cocoons, dyes, and suitable looms. He is an expert in every aspect of silk production.

Looking for rare silk fabrics and want to explore more possibilities with silk? We can help!
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Why do love mulberry silk?

Because of the "Micro-climate"

“In Beijing, innovation is a buzzword. The first time I woke up on silk sheets, I realized this perfect fiber doesn’t need 'technological innovation.' It is a gift from nature. My mom often asks why I invest in these certain items. I tell her, 'This fabric is magical—it creates a perfect "microclimate" around me.' And that’s pretty cool!” - Simian Wang

Because it is the King, the only King

"Silk's thermal conductivity is 2.5 times less than cotton, preventing body heat loss and offering warmth. So why does silk feel cool in summer? Because, under the same heat source, silk has the lowest surface temperature, providing insulation. Moreover, silk's moisture absorption and release speeds are high, allowing your sweat to evaporate quickly. This keeps the local climate from becoming too humid, making you feel cool." - Hu

Because it's Protein Fiber!

“Your skin's pH value is 6-6.5, slightly acidic, just like your intimate areas and scalp. Mulberry silk fabric matches this because it's made of protein, just like your skin and hair.” - Zeng

Reasonable Prices, Pleasant Collaboration

We are a boutique studio dedicated to quality and craftsmanship. Zeng owns a processing factory with 30-50 employees, which gives us unique advantages in processing and design. However, cost and speed are not our main strengths. If you value mulberry silk, you likely appreciate our focus on quality over the fast fashion approach. Also, as a small team, we excel in providing close, effective collaboration. We aim to develop long-term partnerships with our clients. We are members of the China Silk Association and have contacts with various talents within the entire silk industry. This industry is not wealthy or frivolous; most services are offered at reasonable prices.

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We regret that we do not offer free samples at this time. However, we are excited to announce that we are preparing a new, more straightforward sample book for direct ordering. If you are interested in our fabrics, please contact us directly. We kindly ask for your patience during this process.

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